Hopelessly Cynical (satire)

I’m heading for the fallout shelter

I’m ready for the Helter Skelter

I’ve got water and peanuts and beer and furlongs of rope

I got canons of cryptic beliefs

And ammo to defend me from thiefs

I gots my freedoms

I just got no hope

It might have started with the water table

Then the weather went way unstable

The forests burned and what I learned was a conspiracy

All the news from cable

Said democracy is a fable

And the fault lies within my family tree

The damn pandemic stole my erection

Pizza pedophiles stole my election

My Twitter died and Facebook lied

Who am I supposed to be?

We failed at an insurrection

Now I pray for the Resurrection

What do I care about Ukraine democracy?

I’m heading for the fallout shelter

I’m ready for the Helter Skelter

I’m used to isolation and fear and I got some dope

I got shelves of canned pork and beans

I got lentils and freeze-dried greens

I’ve got provisions

I just got no hope

I don’t need your inoculations

I resist your indoctrinations

I’m fed up with your scolding pith

Towards the common good

Our polarization

Is media manipulation

And I know this because I knock on wood

I’m heading to the fallout shelter

I’m digging into the coal fire smelter

I’ve got mine plus some extra and cheers based on trope

I’ve got bars of silver and gold

Toilet paper is stocked in the hold

I got some crypto

I got a beef with the world

I got all I need

But I got no hope


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