Buffalo Kelly is an older guy who lives in east Minneapolis.  His memoirs and essays originally appeared as No True Stories.  The concept was meant to upend the popularity of books hyped as based on a true story, such as on Oprah’s book club, which Kelly expresses as a myth.  He thinks all authors make something up or why else would they be motivated to write at all.  Then he found his subjective philosophy conflates with the concept of fake news.  In defense of satire and poetic license he left the door open for frauds and liars.  It has always been so, and Kelly believes in readers to critically, but not cynically, discern if what they read makes sense, whether it might be true, and what it means.

Subsequently noted journalists have been exposed for inventing facts and events to prove a point.  To sell a story.  Kelly isn’t sure whether this proves or disproves his concept (there are no true stories) or means his fables and essays are any less sincere, only maybe less sensational.  Kelly would like to have been a journalist.

Retitled Runaway Boomchild more appropriately describes the confessional tone of what there is to read here.  An American white male born mid-20th century accounts for his share of what his generation did and didn’t do.

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